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2.0 release vid. Archon vs Archetype.

Discussion in 'This VS That' started by BobSoloMan, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. BobSoloMan

    BobSoloMan New Member VIP ALL ACCESS
    Thread Starter

    Please don’t judge my playing or video production. I paint houses for a living. I have other vids on my channel doing varied comparisons including 2 I did prior to this one... comments kept me going one step further with the Archon vs Archetype vids.

  2. mrcdboston

    mrcdboston Administrator Staff Member Manufacturers Vendor Level 1 VIP ALL ACCESS

    Awesome brother I like it :-)
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  3. Mike Francis

    Mike Francis At Home Guitar hero (to my kids) Staff Member Supporting Member Level 1

    Love it and nice guitar as well
  4. JerEvil

    JerEvil Member Supporting Member Level 1

    Man the Amp Model and actual amp sounded pretty spot on. The Preamp was brighter for sure but also sounded good. I went back and forth between the amp and the amp model parts and was really pleasantly surprised.
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