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300,000 Dollar Speakers- OMG

Discussion in 'CUTTING EDGE!' started by mrcdboston, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. mrcdboston

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    300,000 Dollar Speakers- OMG

  2. Rebelcat420

    Rebelcat420 Supporting Member 1 Supporting Member Level 1

    $300k. Taking the actual performance out of the equation....and I know I’m going to be flamed for this... but if you take the material costs + the manhours involved to make these, you are probably approaching that of building a house. The consideration there is that you are paying craftsmen with a different, specialized skill set than your average roofer or electrician, and different than an assembly Line worker. I’m not saying that any of these people have less skill than those building these speakers, it’s that they have a different set of skills that you can’t go to trade school, college, or VoTech to learn, so they can command a higher dollar value.
    Also take into consideration supply and demand- celestion produces 10,000 speakers in the time it takes for these guys to produce one speaker, so that throws the price.
    Now sound quality, I would have to hat to judge. I’m sure they sound great, but do they sound 300-1200x better than some other speakers out there? I couldn’t justify it personally.

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