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Cheap VS Expensive???

Discussion in 'General Gear Talk' started by mrcdboston, Oct 2, 2017.


Cheap vs Expensive Gear?

  1. I go for Cheap

  2. I go for Expensive

  3. Doesn’t matter

  4. Just give me my guitar and amp - forget the pedals!

  1. Mike Francis

    Mike Francis At Home Guitar hero (to my kids) Staff Member Supporting Member Level 1

    Yeah I kind of feel that the one who build the guitar no matter where they come from you have people that can build a guitar throw it together and It will play just fine not great but ok enough but you can also tell they took no pride in what they were doing the guitar looks like garbage and they try and sell it for 5 or 6 hundred bucks thinking only about the money But then you have some guitars when you pick them up you can just tell whether it was made in a production line or built in a small shop that whoever handled it took pride in there creation and made sure that it was as perfect as there knowledge would let it be I am more drawn to those guitars and I have a couple of them that are cheaper but the quality is there they arent perfect but you can just see the potential in them sometimes its in the hands of a skilled artist that takes pride in what they are doing that makes a huge difference to me
  2. BigRalphN

    BigRalphN Enthusiast VIP ALL ACCESS

    I need to get a crowning file. I know StewMac has a lot of videos to help with almost any guitar issue. This will sound odd but I found some manicure emory boards that have different grits on each stick. They are perfect for light fret sprouts. I am not sure about stainless frets though. All of my Carvin/Kiesels are stainless except for one. They have not had any issues yet. I may have a couple others with stainless. I much prefer stainless
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  3. Johnny

    Johnny Member VIP ALL ACCESS

    thanks for the advice!...waiting for my guitar....cost....these are the things that continue to drive me to do more and more. I have some tools I will add a crowning file to the list!
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  4. Johnny

    Johnny Member VIP ALL ACCESS

    wOw good point in my brain I'm like "OK I have 2 expensive guitars $1700 Strat and (priceless to me!) 74 Gibson SG"...I keep forgetting that there is a whole other level of expensive! lol...guitars I most likely will never play. I played a $40,000 acoustic once...I didn't even want to breathe on it much less play it but the store owner kept insisting..it was behind glass...worn out...and the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. He gave me a glass slide told me it was meant for that and man...made me sound good and I'm really not! lol...and a $5,000 Les Paul which was always a dream...but it wasn't set up right..it was probably a great guitar but I put it back quickly. I learned how heavy a Les Paul is too, didn't realize...and not much room up the neck. Someone I admire great musician mentioned Carvin so I priced them...ummm..no. lol So...guess I am in the midrange category. But my 2 Guild acoustics were both $500 guitars..in 1982 lol...nearly killed me thought it was the most money in the world lol...they have stood the test of time. When I finally set them up right, a dream to play and DEEP tone...guess that's why I chose them..dreadnaught with like it's got a bulge on the back...people standing in front of it when I play say it's got great deep tone..they do. I played a Martin that I liked using the blindfold method ...I was sooo close to buying it, I probably should have...as much as I love my Guilds, they both need work..so it's like...spend money one way or another...still not sure...played a Taylor...wasn't set up right though...decisions decisions lol..but now..Time to play!
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  5. Johnny

    Johnny Member VIP ALL ACCESS

    like your Carvin?...I have heard they are awesome!...not likely I'll ever have one...I think possibly a Hummingbird...think I'm OK in the electric area..meaning...not enough money LOL..I should have taken up yachting!!! ..would have been cheaper hahah
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  6. Eric Ritter

    Eric Ritter Member VIP ALL ACCESS

    I try not to dwell on the price too much. I'm more concerned with how it feels, plays and sounds. Price is a secondary consideration, to a certain point. I have a hard time justifying anything over $2500. And heck, I've got guitars that I found for under $250 that play great.
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  7. Johnny

    Johnny Member VIP ALL ACCESS

    ..agreed...and my wallet will never justify it LOL...my reality. I have to know about what I can spend, but I agree money is usually the last thing...hence my blindfold method lol
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  8. Underbelli

    Underbelli New Member

    Around 2K you deffinitely have all you need, considering you're not going for a full mahogany les paul/PRS.

    I personally own a PRS custom 24 and a fender am pro tele shawbucker. The Tele cost less than half the price of the PRS, but isn't half as bad of a guitar. Plays like a dream too, stays in tune better than the more expensive PRS. Ofcourse the PRS feels more premium due to the woods and finish. But the Tele sits and plays more nicely.

    I got the PRS second hand, and i would not have paid the full new price. It wouldn't have been worth it IMO.

    But i do like the feel of a premium guitar, and i'm willing to pay more for the little details that make the guitar so much more fun to play and hold. I'll admit that. The rolled edges, satin finish, the nice narrow tall fret and the quality of the shawbuckers.... Cheaper Fenders will certainly not quench my thirst
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2018
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  9. Carlo Santin

    Carlo Santin New Member

    It's been my experience with things...guitars, cars, shoes etc...that you generally get what you pay for. Years ago I bought a cheapo Kramer, not an 80's one, it was one of the new Kramers. Cheap guitar. It played fine, nice neck. But over time it started to not hold up so well. It served it's purpose and got me back into playing after a long time away but I had to replace it because it wasn't aging well despite not being abused. I find the law of diminishing returns applies to really high end items which are very costly and not necessarily that much better than more reasonably priced items from the same manufacturer. Cheap will always be cheap. Poor quality components, limited lifespan. There's no getting away from that. I'm not knocking cheap items, I buy cheap all the time. Buy cheap, buy twice the saying goes and in my experience that has proven to be true. My main guitar is a U.S. Fender EVH Wolfgang. I saved up a long time for it. I also know that instrument will be with me for the rest of my life so it was a worthwhile purchase for me.
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