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Gear and Guitar Reviews Who do you listen too and why?

Discussion in 'General Gear Talk' started by Mike Francis, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. Mike Francis

    Mike Francis At Home Guitar hero (to my kids) Staff Member Supporting Member Level 1
    Thread Starter

    If your like me I used to buy just because i saw it and said id like to have that I guess sometimes that works out ok but a lot of times you get burnt even on new products.but now with the great invention of social media and youtube we can check out a lot of info from people that seem to know what they are talking about (but do they really) or are they just trying to sell you something or getting kickbacks from the companies that make them I personally watch a lot of youtube reviews and check on google for product reviews the thing that is scarce out there is Honest reviews from people who are not afraid to tell you the truth about something But there are some especially the ones i met on here such as Tone Wars Chad Boston and Dunky's N Demos that will tell you the truth there are a few others out there I have also met some great people on here that will be honest with you and tell you there opinion and why this is a breath of fresh air I have listened to the hype and gotten burnt but I am learning not to throw money away .Who do you watch and trust and why?
  2. Dave Padden

    Dave Padden New Member

    I got a great deal of my info from That Pedal Show on YouTube. Dan and Mick SERIOUSLY know their stuff, and Daniel is the creator of GigRig. They do the best in depth and descriptive reviews, categorized and and from every angle. It's a really good source for learning exactly what pedals and amps do and how the interact, and since the helix is being true to form the principles are very translatable. Highly recommended!!
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  3. Eric Ritter

    Eric Ritter Member VIP ALL ACCESS

    I guess the 3 main ones I end up watching are Pete Thorn, Ryan Bruce, and Ola Englund. They're different enough players that you get a variety of styles, although they don't necessarily review the same stuff. And their videos are more to the point without unnecessary banter, unlike others.
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  4. Seth

    Seth New Member

    For me, one of the single best sources of a solid review out there is Misha Mansoor. Lots of players outside of the Djent / progressive metal scene tend to hate on anyone who follows his stuff and labels them as a "blind periphery fanboy" these days. But, if I was going to blindly follow someone into the depths of gear hell, it would be that guy... This is a guy who has been at the absolute epicenter of the entire "modeler movement" and he has owned more high end gear than most of us could ever imagine, has toured the world many times over, and now even took the plunge into starting a sizeable new gear company (Horizon Devices). Granted, I wouldn't take his word for a good review on any HD products as he is CEO and always stands to gain on better sales, but for other companies, this dude knows his **** better than just about anyone. While his other 2 guitarist's in Periphery got signature model guitars with Ibanez and PRS (all of which are absolutely stunning instruments) he turned down an absolutely ridiculous amount of offers from nearly every major brand of guitar company in the game because he was highly anal about a product bearing his name being "just right". Ended up going with Jackson in the end and put out a banger of a guitar line. But the point is, he is highly meticulous, and typically won't endorse things unless they meet his unhumbly refined "standards".
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  5. Dave Padden

    Dave Padden New Member

    Also great!
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  6. Mike Francis

    Mike Francis At Home Guitar hero (to my kids) Staff Member Supporting Member Level 1
    Thread Starter

    Misha Mansoor ive watched a coulple of his vids very cool
  7. BigRalphN

    BigRalphN Enthusiast VIP ALL ACCESS

    I still follow Chappers and The Captain from Andertons as well as demos from N Stuff music here in the US.. On occasions I will watch Ola Englund. I realize Andertons and N Stuff are selling gear but the do long enough reviews that you get a decent idea what you are getting.
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  8. Mike Francis

    Mike Francis At Home Guitar hero (to my kids) Staff Member Supporting Member Level 1
    Thread Starter

    I watch rob and chapters and a few others tone king
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  9. eric harbauer

    eric harbauer Enthusiast VIP ALL ACCESS

    that pedal show is the real deal.
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  10. Mike Francis

    Mike Francis At Home Guitar hero (to my kids) Staff Member Supporting Member Level 1
    Thread Starter

    Ive been meaning to look that channel up keep forgetting to thanks Eric:sunglasses: ill do it now
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  11. Mike Francis

    Mike Francis At Home Guitar hero (to my kids) Staff Member Supporting Member Level 1
    Thread Starter

    oh i think ive saw them before they are awesome subscribed:sunglasses:
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  12. JerEvil

    JerEvil Member Supporting Member Level 1

    I watch The Capt & Chappers for the laughs but I generally don't like any tones I hear from them. I usually like Pete Thorn. He plays the kind of stuff I like and goes for my types of tones. I know he is WELL compensated for his demos BUT he won't demo something he wouldn't actually put in his rig so I like that. Some guys have crossed that line into doing commercials more than demo's or reviews. When I have time to kill I also dig JustNick. He gets a bit long on the vids (20 minutes+) ao you need to pack a lunch. I don't always want to sit that long for one pedal or whatever.

    Some of the best amp demos/playthroughs are from Doug Rapport. Dude is a MONSTER player!

    Mike I am glad you dig the vids I have been doing. I try to be as honest as possible and I will definitely say if I don't dig something on a review.
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  13. OnTheBus

    OnTheBus Administrator Staff Member VIP ALL ACCESS

    I'm prob a bit more picky (cursed?) than most about source quality because I have a formal audio engineering education since 95. Don't mean that in any elitist way whatsoever. I don't wanna be a negative nelly on here... but means I kind of get picky about this particular topic because it's not hard to get a decent demo signal. For me, that fact plus my loathing of the modern generation's social media / internet explosion of ego-boosted folks acting like Mad-TV's Stewart saying "Look at me! Look what I can do!!" (look it up youngsters lol) ... I have more I look to NOT see in demo's. In fact I sometimes don't want to make gear demo's myself in fear of coming across that way, so I never speak on mine & just get to it with on-screen text describing relevant details. It's annoying "the playing" is what seems to get more comments in a gear / tone demo than the dang tone! (regardless of recording quality). For instance I'd rather first hear same 3 chords over and over with tweaked settings or same settings different pickup etc... then ok fine lets see the new awesome licks you learned / know. Of course, I'm really just a pentatonic-scale wanker over 28 yrs now... maybe if I was actually good I'd change my "tune". (ok sorry)

    But here's a biggie for me: any phone-mic capture gets closed immediately, no matter how great the playing. (unless it's not a tone demo video & is specifically a video only showing an idea /concept etc)

    Also I don't see the point of (nor want) easily found manufacturer-provided gear specs told to me in bullet points or wrapped in humor trying to sell me something, so some like those Chapper & Captain vids I stay away from. In fact most "store" toob channels I avoid. The less talking the better in general... & they sure want to talk up a storm to sell ya things. I like to just hear tones both in and out of a mix from various input gear so as to provide bigger demo source pool to glean from (especially some things like different electric guitar pickup sources because they so drastically affect tone). The only good thing about store channels is they usually do at least sound better than a dude at home.

    But, if a business, I prefer they let the gear speak for itself as much as possible like they do a bit more on Soundpurestudios toob ch with just quick explanation of what it is then a hq recording (& they frequently use consistent gear & licks / tunes). But then again I do like a real pro like Pete Thorn's longer opinions along with full performance song demo's because it really shows it in a mix & he'll have more pertinent info for end user than a store... but tbh I usually look for just bedroom players playing / noodling & captured with good mics (or direct if modeler) for most variety of a product demo since styles / situations / other gear vary from person to person so much.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2018
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  14. JerEvil

    JerEvil Member Supporting Member Level 1

    Yeah demo style is definitely a personal thing. I know what I don’t like. I mostly don’t want to watch a commercial. I prefer good tones over slick production as well.

    I certainly don’t claim my demos are great or even GOOD for that matter but I enjoy making them.
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  15. OnTheBus

    OnTheBus Administrator Staff Member VIP ALL ACCESS

    for sure making them is a hoot! I tend to spend way too much time goofing around editing video than is needed lol

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