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Home use Gear Or gear for the Stage ?

Discussion in 'General Gear Talk' started by Mike Francis, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. Mike Francis

    Mike Francis At Home Guitar hero (to my kids) Staff Member Supporting Member Level 1
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    this is a question and statement open for discussion /opinions ok ill start I believe that a lot of companies give an impression to consumers that there gear is optimal for either use when i fact it probably is designed more for just the home studio, or entry level player or musician from guitars to amps to modeling boards this came up recently when my brother came over to see my gear amp and pedal board setup ect. Although i love the stuff i have I am not a professional musician i have been playing music my whole life serious to not so serious with different instruments, and he made a good point i never thought about he loved the sound of my amp Firehawk 1500 and the effects the helix can do are they designed for the big stage exclusively or are they designed for the home user. I said well kind of both for the firehawk 1500 is large enough for the stage depending on the venue the helix however is more in the line of the professional setup Now i introduced him to the line 6 amplifi series i have and he was more intrigued by it because he wants more of the home use hobbyist gear for him it would be perfect to mess with and he probably will by one. But the helix just wasnt for him. Amps are the same way and i think some guitars are designed in that manner i never really thought of things this way before I do on occasion play at church or a small place and have taken the amplifi fx100 with me and a tube amp I have guitars that dont leave the house and a few i dont worry about so much either they are dependable or its just i dont mind if it gets a scratch on it that is how i choose what to take,Do we pick the guitars for the dependability of them the tone or the color same with amps is it the tone or the cost or is it the name of it.dont want to get off point with what im saying I have dealt with quite a few companies in the past from tool companies to gear companies such as Gibson and Fender and smaller companies small guitar stores most of the time they just want to sell me something get my money and get me gone . I was a building contractor for quiet a few years and I bought thousands of dollars worth of tools when i was i was new at it and needed a tool I just bought the cheapest drill or saw i could get and in just a little while i was either buying the same thing again because it either didnt have the power i needed or just plain broke under the stress it didnt take long for me to realize that I needed to find tools designed for professional use instead buying something that was built for home use only .I love gear and trying new stuff but as my brother brought to my attention he has no need for professional use gear but still want it to be dependable enough to pick up in his little room and expect that it will work so i said all this to say this I myself will change the way im looking at buying gear instead me just buying cause its cool or the companies tell use you can use this anywhere realize that some tools arent designed to take on the road some are just for the occasional player .This post wasnt intended to slam any company in general I just wanted to express my feelings about the gear i purchase and another way of looking at it i own some of both worlds cheap gear and some expensive gear some cheap guitars some expensive to me they are expensive anyway feel free to comment if any of this made sense sometimes i rattle on and on lol

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