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Ibanez Guitars - Walk-Thru - Winter NAMM 2018 TheToneKing

Discussion in 'NAMM 2018 Discussions' started by Mike Francis, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Mike Francis

    Mike Francis At Home Guitar hero (to my kids) Staff Member Supporting Member Level 1
    Thread Starter

  2. BigRalphN

    BigRalphN Enthusiast VIP ALL ACCESS

    When did they get the Paul Stanley guitar? Isn't this the third maker to offer one? I must be getting old because I have never heard of their other artists. I didn't see Artcores(might have missed it). They are about all like from Ibanez these days. I did like some of their older 70s models. Everything looks like it has two inches of clear coat.
  3. BigRalphN

    BigRalphN Enthusiast VIP ALL ACCESS

    I would take a Paul Stanley just because. Ha ha. I just looked it up.. They have had the Stanley models quite awhile. I know another brand made one but can't remember who.

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