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If You Are In The Market For A Road Case, Beware -

Discussion in 'General Gear Talk' started by The Law, May 10, 2018.

  1. The Law

    The Law New Member VIP ALL ACCESS
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    Good afternoon,

    I'm going to lay it out there and hope that you read until the end. The road cases that I have received and have been using are made by Brady Cases in Texas. Unfortunately, they seem to have had some bad business occur which left a lasting impression on their lead times resulting in customers not receiving what they paid for. It has affected three people to my knowledge. Here is the story:

    So, I ordered a Head/Rack case back in mid-February. Awesome! Brady himself advised the standard lead time of 5-6 weeks (I usually give another 2 weeks on top of that due to unforeseen issues that can come up). At the end of the 8 week period, I sent an EMAIL to Brady and asked what the current progress was (Cool! Should hear back at some point this week!). I never did - his assistant wrote me to confirm case specs. Odd. I then asked what the new lead time would be. The answer didn't come across for another week and a half. They said "It just needs foam and will follow up with tracking shortly". Okay, I thought...is what it is! Played shows and had to set up multiple components to do my part, per usual...just wasn't turn key as I like having things - one box, patch panel, one power cord..etc. Another week and a half goes by and I send the first curious/stern EMAIL asking what the hold up is...it's late April at this point. Well, I do a google and find some things that threw me for a loop. Other customers complaining, leaving negative reviews, filing with the BBB, etc. Woah. I check out the Brady Cases FB page and wrote to another customer that is also waiting to see if he received any responses or resolution. Nope. Radio silence and he was waiting for almost three times the promised lead time of 5-6 weeks before shipment. I write back one more time and mention that I just want my case or a refund, started a PayPal claim and requested a response by COB. I got a response hours later..."We are looking for the best method of shipment." Cool! Well, Monday rolls around and PayPal sends me a tracking number. Fast forward to this week and I have my case. Yes, it's exactly what I wanted...no transit damage. Happier than a clam. This is my third Brady Case and this was my first upsetting experience. Unfortunately, the other customer I previously talked to (which was a super cool dude btw) had to pursue the refund. Brady finally wrote back to him and actually suggested it...so, whatever is going on isn't a good situation. I love the cases they make but right now may not be the best time to order. Hopefully this saves someone a headache.
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  2. OnTheBus

    OnTheBus Administrator Staff Member VIP ALL ACCESS

    They do make nice cases but dang that's not cool. Got any pics? :yum:
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