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Kramer SM-1 Demo/Review: Well-built superstrat under a grand!

Discussion in 'Gear Demos' started by The Law, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. The Law

    The Law New Member VIP ALL ACCESS
    Thread Starter

    This is one of my favorite guitars to play!
    I am a Kramer Guitars artist - With that, let me know what kind of Kramer Guitars you'd like to see! I can also tell you what is in stock at the Gibson/Epiphone warehouse if you're interested in getting one for yourself!

  2. OnTheBus

    OnTheBus Administrator Staff Member VIP ALL ACCESS

    Looks like a nicer Kramer lineup but my goodness the inlays :expressionless:

    lol I know just cosmetic, & I'm sure sounds killer with Duncans. Some clips instead of a commercial style video would be cool too.

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