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Line 6 Helix - Dialing In Clean & Breakup Tones

Discussion in 'Jason Sadites' started by Jason Sadites, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Jason Sadites

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    After my first video in the "Dialing In..." series last week I had a LOT of requests to do a video on dialing in clean tones and edge of breakup style tones. SO, I figured I would listen and did just that 1f642.png In the second installment in this series, I use multiple guitars and pickup configurations (yes, even single coil and P90's) and dial some tones ranging from very clean to total break up using some of the Fender style amps included with the Helix. I must say I enjoyed this one very much as there are some really beautiful tones hiding in those amp models. I hope you all enjoy 1f642.png

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