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Loadboxes anyone?

Discussion in 'General Gear Talk' started by eric harbauer, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. eric harbauer

    eric harbauer Enthusiast VIP ALL ACCESS
    Thread Starter

    Just got a Torpedo captor. I'm pretty impressed. I just rocked my amp for an Hour at gig volume with the power section breaking up nicely and my wife didn't yell, the kids weren't scared, and no small animals died. Sooo.... success. first impressions pretty solid. Updates to follow.
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  2. Mike Francis

    Mike Francis At Home Guitar hero (to my kids) Staff Member Supporting Member Level 1

    ill be watching for the update:sunglasses:
  3. PeterHamm

    PeterHamm 2-Voice Guitar Junkie VIP ALL ACCESS

    I used to have an Attenuator that could be turned all the way down. It was very very cool. I love them and generally like the sound of amps pushed and attenuated better than the same amp kept at the same volume without attenuation.
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  4. eric harbauer

    eric harbauer Enthusiast VIP ALL ACCESS
    Thread Starter

    Ok so after a weekend of playing with this Two Notes Torpedo Captor, I must say I'm very happy. The reason I bought this is because my other loadbox is a fixed resistive load. This is a reactive load. The fixed load made my amps feel kinda lifeless, particularly in the top end. My amp Is liking this box much better. It feels great to play it again. The 2 Captor does 20db attenuation so basically bedroom volume, it also works as a stand alone loadbox (you dont need to have a speaker connected) It's also a DI out (with or without cab sim) Pretty cool for 250 bucks new. Oh yeah . it also comes with 16 cabinets for the Two Notes Wall Of Sound plugin.
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  5. JerEvil

    JerEvil Member Supporting Member Level 1

    I owned the Fryette Power Station V1 for about a year and dug it. For the last 1.5 years I have been using a Two Notes Torpedo Studio and LOVE it! Best gear purchase I made in a long time.

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