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NAMM 2018 • Revv Amplification feat. Sam Jacobs (Intervals band)

Discussion in 'NAMM 2018 Discussions' started by JerEvil, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. JerEvil

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    Hey all! Funny story on this interview. I am eBuds with Derek Eastvels, partner in Revv ams with Owner Dan Trudeau. Derek is also artist relations for Two Notes. Anyway, Derek was good enough to set me up some time with Dan for some Dunk's NAMM coverage.

    Dan had some young kid that was going to do the playing named Sam. GREAT player and heck of a nice kid. Come to find out from my NAMM roommate that it was in fact Sam Jacobs of the band Intervals. Sam is their touring guitar player and a Helix user.

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