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Treble bleed volume mod

Discussion in 'Guitars and accessories for guitars' started by Wonky, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. Wonky

    Wonky New Member
    Thread Starter

    Productive afternoon doing the treble bleed mod on a couple of guitars.
    For those that don't know (bet that's non of you on here) it's to try to keep the same tone as you turn the volume down. Without this as you turn the volume down it also cuts the treble out of the sound, acting as a tone control does. That's not great if you're someone who wants to control the gain on a crunch sound with the volume knob for instance, like many people do.
    So for a few £ it's a great mod. Both the guitars I modded are Ibanez HSH set ups. Both Dimarzio, one is running Air Norton/True Velvet/ToneZone and one is running Kiko signature pickups. So there's capacitor and a resistor involved. The values of these are open to debate and the internet is full of talk on this, but I went for a high quality audio cap of 560pF and a variable resistor 0-500k (same as the volume pots on my guitars). The variable resistor helps to tune the mod to the pickups and because different pickups have different outputs this is a really useful thing. Some put a set resistor in and if you know what will work, that's great, but the two guitars this afternoon ended up with different settings on the resistor even though the pickups have a similar output. Had to sit down with it plugged in and just try it and fine tune the resistor as I played. Worked really well
    So what's everyone else's experiences with this? Have you tried it and how'd it go.
    I've tried to attach pictures, hope this works.
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  2. Wonky

    Wonky New Member
    Thread Starter

  3. eric harbauer

    eric harbauer Enthusiast VIP ALL ACCESS

    I have treble bleeds on all of my guitars. Love em. recently I've started putting in with a push pull volume pot, so if I want to run the volume without the mod, and roll off a bunch of high end, i just pull the pot out. works great, and no holes drilled in the guitar. I posted about it here a few weeks ago.


    and made a vid here:

    I got into this from chasing Andy Timmons' clean tone, which is a neck pickup dimarzio cruiser, into blues driver and a treble bleed mod with the volume rolled off.
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  4. eric harbauer

    eric harbauer Enthusiast VIP ALL ACCESS

    currently I'm using .0022mf Sprague orange drops with 100k resistors. havent found the need to tinker with the values.

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