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Upgrade your wireless pack cables with this!

Discussion in 'Gear Demos' started by The Law, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. The Law

    The Law New Member VIP ALL ACCESS
    Thread Starter

    Hand-made in the USA!
  2. BigRalphN

    BigRalphN Enthusiast VIP ALL ACCESS

    I use the G50. Other than his gross sucking sounds it looks great. I will get a set. I have one complaint about my G50 though. The battery indicator sucks. Why do the have have what looks like a battery bar if it doesn't show drainage and stays solid all the time. I know my vision is bad but I swear it never turns red when low like the book says. In fact the first time it started flashing the solid bar I was confused. I have had them die live twice because there was no true battery level indicator. I have had it a few years. Guess I need to read the manual. It works great but I have considered switching because of this .

    Sorry to rant. Thanks for you link these look great. I will order at least one.
  3. BigRalphN

    BigRalphN Enthusiast VIP ALL ACCESS

    I know it shows time left but mine is WAY off.
  4. tag78

    tag78 New Member VIP ALL ACCESS

    Thanks for the heads up about the cables but if you think you're a showman or comedian don't quit your day job.
  5. BigRalphN

    BigRalphN Enthusiast VIP ALL ACCESS

    I ordered one to try. If I like it I will get a second

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