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Why do line 6 helix users act like nothing can touch it?

Discussion in 'GEAR SNOBS' started by jageya2, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. jageya2

    jageya2 New Member VIP ALL ACCESS
    Thread Starter

    I see so many posts with line 6 fan boi's and they are so close minded about other units that may be less expensive sounding as good. It really reminds me of the tesla forum where the fan bois are drinking the koolaid in gallons.Yea its a cool car and the future in many ways but its really way over priced in the end and just a car.

    I think its funny how these modelers try to emulate the gear from 20-30 yrs ago that at that time guys were drooling over to sound like yet when someone trys to being up the older pods and boss or model gear from 10 yrs ago all these fan boi's(the same ones who loved that gear 10 yrs ago) of the new highend stuff seem to think that older gear sucks compared to their helix. I disagree. Sure the helix offers alot for 1k(lt) but 1k isnt chump change to me and many others and the amount of tweaking most do to get their "great sound" seems to take away from the whole plug and play simplicity that enough people do want. If anything too many options drive some people like me away.Flame away
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  2. eric harbauer

    eric harbauer Enthusiast VIP ALL ACCESS

    I've gotta say I mostly agree with you, There's s ton of ways to get great tone, some are more difficult, and more expensive than others, but with a little input even older and less expensive gear can yield outstanding results. The only thing i disagree with is the amount of tweaking required. Helix is super easy to use and has fast learning curve. You can make really sophisticated signal paths with minimal time and effort. Its probably Helix's biggest asset.
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  3. jageya2

    jageya2 New Member VIP ALL ACCESS
    Thread Starter

    I know helix has just about every possible path possible and enough amps and effects even though i think the reverbs are weak for a 1k unit.I personally like all in one units from preamp to effects to power amp to speakers so i would like to see a helix 2-12 stereo combo like the old veta 2 amps but with a tube power section. I own and play a spider valve mk2 amp and think it sounds amazing with the tube power section. Even when i had the hd500x i used a dt-25 amp and that setup was really amazing because of the tube power section that adjusted a/b power amp to the preamp selected. I know the helix has a dt amp connection but the older dt wont work with the whole power amp changing along with the preamp like the hd500 and dt amp did so maybe a new dt series amp is in the works to specifically work with the helix? Wont be cheap though and bogner severed ties with line 6.
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  4. bradh

    bradh New Member

    Well, the Helix offers so much in a single unit, it's hard to even compare it to anything else. For example, it contains models of so many brands of amps. Who could possibly afford that much equipment? I am using several of the amp models. One that is priced at $25,000. Plus Mashalls, Fenders, Vox, etc. Speaker cabs, who could possibly have room for so much equipment in one room? I've never bought the vast array of effects devices. A distortion or two, chorus, etc. but now I have access to dozens of effects by so many vendors.
    You've got to admit, the options are almost endless to create the tones, and sounds of your favorite players.
    I play in a worship band at church. We do a wide range of song by so many different teams. The Helix allows me to recreate the sounds and tones of guitars in the vast array of music we do.
    Even creating other guitarist sounds is just a matter of experiments to get what I want.
    And in a single black box. It's a musicians dream come true.
    I began playing 50 years ago. I've played in so many bands. Hauled a ton of equipment 1,000s of miles. It's Heavy, and get damaged, and is expensive to get repaired. We don't need to haul a ton of equipment any longer. A helix, guitar, some frfr amp and we are golden to play.
    Plus it's easy to learn, adjust when needed, and is able to be upgraded by line 6.
    Just price out all the gear included in that device. You will quickly find, it's Soooooooooo worth the price. Nothing can compare in this way.
    And this is part of why Helix owners adore this gear.
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  5. Mike Francis

    Mike Francis At Home Guitar hero (to my kids) Staff Member Supporting Member Level 1

    I Remember people said the same thing for rotary dial phones people are ok for technology changing everything the way we communicate the way we pay are bills even watch tv .So why is not ok for technology to change the way we access tone or connect. You could ask Eddie Van Halen or leo fender some of those guys why they couldnt just leave the guitars the way they were ,why wasnt that good enough they changed it cause they wanted too and made it cool. The mindset that everything should just stay they way it is is ok if you want to be, I hate technology i want to just live in a world where nothing changes. I ll say this they have come a very long way with modeling and effects analog vrs digital is still electronics doesnt matter it take computer or circuit boards to do both analog is a less modern version of the digital it all in how they manipulate the electrical signal. 20 years ago when i saw my first digitech unit that was expensive by the way i was amazed at how they could do that and it was a mixture of analog and digital. Imagine how much further they have come with the design of the Helix now is it perfect no it still has a few bugs here and there but so did the first cell phones always dropping calls .But the helix is a huge leap for the music industry into the technology world. I know some will be too afraid to embrace such things they like things being just the way they are, but even most of the pedal makers amp makers are realizing that in our fast paced world you either advance or get left in the dirt. And lastly ill say this the cost of buying a helix and the limitless features it will do clearly out weighs how much it would cost to reproduce the sound in the antiquated analog world. This has only been my opinion not meant to offend anyone this is a forum of free friendly speech thanks for listening.
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  6. mrcdboston

    mrcdboston Administrator Staff Member Manufacturers Vendor Level 1 VIP ALL ACCESS

    I like all Modelers including boss - I prefer Helix but that’s my preference- i have always said that any modeler in the right hands can sound amazing
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  7. jageya2

    jageya2 New Member VIP ALL ACCESS
    Thread Starter

    i can see the value for sure.The trainwreck amp i also have played in person and it was 30k at the time...was nice but not worth that for sure...But to thers maybe. I also know at 1k for the LT..likely arounf $800-850 discounted its really a no brainer for value. Perconally from demos i thought the ax8 had better amp tones and reverbs but this is subjective. I had the original helix(1199.99) when it first came out but it really sounded like crap(original firmware) and i returned it after 10 days trying it. I know now the firmwares have helped it alot and new amps have been added and effects.I also hear new reverbs are coming soon which is needed. Still I am on the fence on getting the lt. I am in no hurry and have a bunch of other gear that sounds killer to me but i do have an open mind. I also think cliff at fractal needs to step up his game with the units interface onboard and add usb audio and a headphone out to make it even attractive to me. The headrush i would have bought instantly at 499-599 as i feel that is the right pricepoint for it being so new with no history and not really doing any actual amp modeling but taking oul 11r models and doing something like updating exsisting code. To me thats rather a simple way to cut corners and i just cannot justify giving them 1k of my money.I have a feeling resale on the HR is be dismal and in a year or 2 they will be had for $300 used. Even line 6 resale isnt the best overall and i dont buy gear to resell but have to keep this in mind because the speed of technology in this realm is fast and mk2 units usually put mk1 units to shame so the whole resale thing for me matters.

    I can when the ax8mk2 comes or the helix
  8. jageya2

    jageya2 New Member VIP ALL ACCESS
    Thread Starter

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  9. Karl Eisenhart

    Karl Eisenhart New Member

    People like that are everywhere. They can’t accept that something can be perfect for their uses and totally wrong for someone else’s. Guitars, amps, cars, shoes, politicians.. whatever. It’s a mindset. I just smile and nod and forget about them.
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  10. jageya2

    jageya2 New Member VIP ALL ACCESS
    Thread Starter

    Digital Igloo Member
    Oct 4, 2010
    Hollywood, CA
    Actually, the more I think about it... a serious $499 floor modeler isn't completely out of the question, but it'd have to come from some company that:
    • Has massive buying power and owns its own factories
    • Doesn't have ethical issues with stealing R&D and indeed has a huge room full of cubicles with "engineers" who do nothing but rip off other companies' board schematics
    • Doesn't have ethical issues with making products look remarkably like those of a competitor—down to the fonts used—in order to confuse customers
    • Doesn't have ethical issues with hacking firmware and DSP and releasing it as their own
    • Doesn't have ethical issues with slapping acquired boutique brand logos on their gear, when very little (or no) development actually came from said acquired boutique brand's developers
    • Doesn't have ethical issues with deploying an army of lawyers to impede any inevitable lawsuits until the offending products' lifecycles are completed
    • Publicly claims that stealing R&D somehow benefits the customer because their gear is cheaper—and the companies whose R&D was stolen are somehow greedy because they don't also steal R&D to make their gear cheaper :mad:
    So to be honest, part of the reason Fractal, Kemper, Atomic, Roland, DigiTech, and Line 6 can't release a hardcore flagship modeler for $500 is... because we have ethics. Thankfully, the vast majority of you guys appreciate this.

    tHE above was from TFGP DI FROM LINE 6. Exactly why i dislike some of line 6 snobery as well as forum members there.
    To think a company has to rip off others work just to make a $500-600 unit is very ego centric to me.Just sayin
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  11. Joepeggio

    Joepeggio Member VIP ALL ACCESS

    I would say the "Fan Boi" ratio to users is quite low with the Helix versus some other units.
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  12. OnTheBus

    OnTheBus Administrator Staff Member VIP ALL ACCESS

    understatement!! In fact I don't ever see this closed-mindedness here or on the Helix fb page. Actually I've seen folks say "use what ya want" or "they are all pretty good these days" or something similar. I don't hang over at that other gear site any more though so may be missing it.. in which case I say good, keep it there not here!
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  13. mrcdboston

    mrcdboston Administrator Staff Member Manufacturers Vendor Level 1 VIP ALL ACCESS

    Hahahaha yeppers - Thank you for the chuckle this morning :smiley:
  14. NickCutroneo

    NickCutroneo New Member VIP ALL ACCESS

    No offense, but that's what a fan "boi" is - someone that over the moon about their specific gear is going to act that way.

    I've been a Line 6 user since 2002 - using the PodXT. I was able to get great sounds from it. Same goes for the POD HD500. Both units were around the $499 mark... I enjoyed my tones with all of that. I also owned a Digitech RP2000, but I don't quite remember how good it sounded, but I know at the time I loved it. Most people that I've seen talk about Helix have been quite open minded about it (IE - in Chad's FB group). But you've got the same issues with the IR-camp people vs the Stock Cab-camp people. Anyone who's a "fanatic" about something will come off that way.

    As far as I'm concerned, Helix is quite plug and play simple. I can pull up an Amp/Cab block - do tweak the low and hi cuts to my liking and off I go. Plug and play is also not as "common" as you think. When is the last time that you walked into a guitar store, sat down at an amp, plugged in played something and without touching ANYTHING said "yeah that's a great sound"? It never happens to me. I'll at least sit there and mess around with the tone controls for a while, set it to something neutral or if it's an amp that I'm familiar with set the controls where I know it'll start sounding good.

    Helix (or any other modelers - especially the expensive ones) aren't that hard to operate. They are however at times hard to navigate. This is where the smartness of Helix comes in. The UI is very simple and has a very easy work flow. To me, this is what sets it apart from many of the others.
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